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New World (for PC) Preview

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New World (for PC) Preview
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New World (for PC) Preview

It’s been a rough few years at Amazon Games. Seven, to be precise. Despite forming in 2014, the studio has released only one PC game (Crucible), and the company's production budget is seemingly buoyed by its parent organization's resources. Now, the time has finally come for the studio’s first full release, a crafting-and PvP-focused MMORPG called New World. As an MMO, the $39.99 New World relies heavily on its map-wide PvP and faction wars to fill out the gaps left by its drab questing structure and uninspired story.To get more news about best place to buy new world coins, you can visit official website.

Thankfully, New World’s combat represents some of the best action we’ve seen in the genre, making mundane tasks, such as killing your 500th zombie, all the more engaging and challenging. New World manages to do a few things better than any other MMO before it, but also finds itself bogged down by about a dozen other puzzling design decisions that feel straight out of 2002.Note that New World saw many changes and improvements between its closed and open betas. There are still many, uncharted map areas, but for this preview we dig into what New World offers in levels 1-25 (out of the expected 60 in the released version).

As Amazon Games' (formerly Amazon Game Studios) only game currently announced in development, New World has some major shoes to fill. Coming off Crucible's launch (and subsequent critical reaming), and the cancellation of four other games, including a Lord of the Rings MMO, New World isn't just another MMO; it's the one game that will either cement or stain Amazon Games' reputation as a potential contender in the industry.

As a publisher, Amazon Games' legitimacy has been in doubt since the beginning. It was seen by the wider gaming populace as just another vehicle in a long line that Jeff Bezos thought he could use to buy his way into a profitable segment of the economy. Of course, true innovation isn't something that can be so easily bought, which is a lesson that Amazon Games learned the hard way with Crucible's failure. It was derided as a bland, formulaic shooter that added nothing new or exciting to the genre. Now Amazon Games Orange County hopes to change that narrative, developing an MMO with many new ideas on how combat and PvP should work in the genre.

Combat is just one of many aspects that determine success in this type of game, though: It's the sum of all the different parts working in beautiful concert that creates a once-in-a-generation MMO, such as Everquest or World of Warcraft. Valiant attempts like Wildstar learned that lesson the hard way (RIP, you beautiful supernova of a game).

Once you've selected a server, it's time to create your character in what could be one of the least-flexible customization menus I've seen in an MMO...and I played Anarchy Online back in 2001. In the character creator, you can choose from a very limited selection of prebuilt faces and add hair, tattoos, or scars that don't vary all that much in their design. Part of the MMO experience is identifying with your personal character, or toon, and with such a limited number of ways to build one that's uniquely yours, I can't help but feel like many of the things I may be missing will somehow, some way, come back as a micro-transaction down the line.

In both betas, I received a warning message that my character's attribute customization was permanent, and wouldn't be changeable after I left the menu. This may be a significant issue for the "MMO fashion" community, a well-known fan contingent who could be found spending hundreds of hours grinding out one map area just for the chance at a rare dye. Or dropping $300 on skins on payday because it's fashion, baby, and you can't put a price on looking good, right? Point is, they often need things like hair or eye color changes to accent their outfits.
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